Join the international blog for Erasmus University Rotterdam students! We at the jEURnalist constantly reach out to look for motivated and inspired students that want to be part of our team. It is essential that they show an insatiable interest in writing, blogging and/or journalism.
As a member of the jEURnalist team, you will be offered the great opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded students with a passion for writing, the desire to have an influence in the EUR student community, and to seek new knowledge.

We look for people that show an interest in the world around them and are willing to share discoveries made in their daily life. The love of written and spoken word is a plus in being able to create great stories. The determination to go out, create a story and hang on to it until you are satisfied.
Are you a curious and reliable person? Do you aspire to grow as a writer and journalist or blogger? Join the jEURnalist team by simply filling out this form!
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